Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On Motivation, Day 2

Since my parents passed in 2006 (four months apart), my motivation to do anything for myself has plummeted. I flatlined. No drive, no desire, no inspiration. I could get my motivation up a little bit, but could not sustain it for long.

No motivation equals no action; no action equals no achievements. Hence my 90-day theme of becoming re-inspired, re-motivated, alive again and hungry about my life goals--IF I can figure out what they might be now. First the feeling must come, then the concrete intention can be set.

So for my challenge, I asked for motivation.
This morning, I realized I’d made one huge error in declaring my intention. I left a little too much room for the Universe's interpretation of the word--and that can be dangerous, LOL!

This morning's revelation reminded me that there are two types of motivation: positive and negative.

Positive motivation inspires one to take action in the direction of one’s goals, to become proactive in achieving them. It has uplifting, forward-moving energy.

Negative motivation is a desperate attempt to avoid an undesirable outcome. It harbors hesitation, resistance, even anger.

I realized, I’ve had plenty of motivation over the last seven years—just of the wrong kind! I’ve had the negative, preventative kind of motivation, where the main goal is to prevent loss.
  • The only reason I sought employment last year was because I was down to $15 and an empty gas tank, and I wanted to prevent all the losses that can occur in that state (not because I felt inspired to work for the companies in question).
  • The only reason I wake up (after hitting snooze four times) is to try to prevent myself from being late (in my perfect life, I get to sleep in every day).
  • The only reason I try to be on time (and often fail) is to prevent the loss of my job/income (which, living paycheck to paycheck, is kind of important).
  • The only reason I dress “office appropriate” (when it is SO “not me”) is to prevent myself from being unfavorably viewed in the office (in my perfect life, there is no polyester in my closet, and I look like... a neo-hippie bohemian cowgirl goth-ish metal rock goddess).
  • The only reason I pay bills is to prevent loss of service, loss of home, loss of car…

You get the idea.

The motivation that has come in recent years has been through threat of loss. This is NEGATIVE motivation.

It gets me nowhere.

What I need is to infuse my life with POSITIVE motivation: the kind that gets me up out of bed excited about my day, ready to get moving on my fantastic new goals, to chase my adventures, to follow my dreams. The drive that makes me proactive, causes me to look for the actions to take that propel me closer to the realization of my dreams, and the buoyant excitement that accompanies that drive.

So I hereby revise my intention for this 90-day challenge: to receive POSITIVE motivation as described above.

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